The OCCC Tour of England Report

Teams Played In England:

R M A Sandhurst Old Amplefordians Aldenham
Cricketers Club of London The Swallows Guildford
Midhurst Stratford On Avon Westminster
Cranbrook Lynxes Earl Spencer’s XI Oxford Downs
Eton Ramblers Sussex Martlets Cambridge XI
Harrow Wanderers Wiltshire Queries Shanklin CC
The Grannies Ryde Old Tonbridgeans
The Blue Mantles Morden CC I C I
Charterhouse Friars R A Fleming’s XI Sunbury
Sydenhurst Ramblers Old Wellingtonians The Guards
The Samarkanders Hampshire Hogs The Privateers
R H Hawkins’ XI The Royal Household Old Wykehamists
The British Army The Gemini Radley Rangers
South Oxford Amateurs Bourton Vale CC Uxbridge
Mersham le Hatch Old Georgians Hambledon CC
East Kent XI The Bank of England Dulwich
Old Merchant Taylors Hon. Artillery Company Southgate
Ventor CC

Many of the above games are very significant. For example, the OCCC was the first team from Australia to play in the Home Park at Windsor Castle. Hambledon CC is the oldest in the world : the game of cricket could be said to have begun on Hambeldon’s ground at Broad Halfpenny Down. The greatest schools in England are well represented, and so are the “Great Houses” such as Everdon Hall (R.H. Hawkins’ XI), Little Dunford (Wiltshire Queries), Althorp, home of Earl Spencer and the late Princess Diana, Penshurst Place, and Arundel Castle (Sussex Martlets) where Australian Test sides normally begins their tours of England. The military connection is provided by R.M.A Sandhurst, The Hon. Artillery Company, the British Army and The Guards, which is a team drawn from the Grenadier and Coldstream Guards. Worth nothing, too, is that Mersham le Hatch was the club team for which the Duke of Edinburgh played.

Eton Ramblers and Midhurst are the only sides we have played on each of the seven tours of England.


Century Partnerships In England:

215 David Newgrosh & Timothy Cohen v Samarkanders at Marlborough 1978

193 James Yaffa & David Levy v Morden CC at Morden 1989

149 Tony Barr & Ian Sinclair v Bourton Vale CC 1986

148* Patrick Crammond & Mick Halliday v Sussex Martlets at Arundel Castle 1986

148* Andrew Johnstone & Alex McDade v Shanklin CC at Shanklin, IOW 1997

144 Jerry Thiedeman & Timothy Cohen v R M A at Camberley 1986

141 Michael Doyle & Ian Sinclair v R M A at Camberley 1993

138 Dave Brady & Patrick Alexander v R A Fleming’s XI at Penshurst PI 1983

136 Timothy Cohen & Jim Patterson v Cricketers Club of London 1975

134 Robert Dickens & Mick Halliday v Cambridge XI at Clare College 1983

132 Roger Bain & Mick Halliday v Dulwich at Dulwich College 1983

120 Simon Toben & Mick Halliday v R H Hawkins’ XI at Everdon Hall 1997

119 Richard Hunter & David Brady v R A Fleming’s XI at Coldharbour 1975

116 Dominic Remond & Roger Bain v Mersham le Hatch at Mersham 1986

115 Richard Hunter & David Brady v Eton Ramblers at Upper Club 1978

114* Mark Patterson & Mick Halliday v Royal Household at Windsor 1986

111 Dave Brady & Anthony McFayden v R A Fleming’s XI at Penshurst P 1983

111 Simon Toben & Alec McDade v Cranbrook Lynxes at Cranbrook 1993

111 Simon Toben & Alex McDade v Royal Household at Windsor 1993

110* David Newgrosh & Dominic Remond v Eton Ramblers at Upper Club 1978

110 Michael Doyle & Dominic Remond v Eton Ramblers at Agars Plough 1989

108 Michael Doyle & Dominic Remond v R H Hawkins’ XI at Everdon Hall 1989

108* Simon Toben & Michael Doyle v Westminster at Vincent Square 1997

105 Alex McDade & Jonathan Moeller v R H Hawkins XI at Everdon Hall 1993

102 Mick Halliday & Alex Avramides v R H Hawkins XI at Everdon Hall 1993

100* Jerry Thiedeman & Dominic Remond v Hambledon CC at Hambledon 1989


Highest Partnerships In England:

1st Wicket 193 James Yaffa and David Levy v Morden CC 1989

2nd Wicket 148 Patrick Crammond and Mick Halliday v Sussex Martlets 1986

3rd Wicket 215 David Newgrosh and Timothy Cohen v Samarkanders 1978

4th Wicket 402 Alex McDade and Jonathan Moeller v R H Hawkins’ XI 1993

5th Wicket 82 Michael Preston and Peter McWhinney v R A Fleming’s XI

           82 Phillip Sinclair and Jonathan Moeller v Old Wellingtonians 1975

6th Wicket 114 Mark Patterson and Mick Halliday v Royal Household 1993

7th Wicket 88 Mick Halliday and Martin Green v Hampshire Hogs 1986

8th Wicket 83 Timothy Cohen and Peter Bavin v Hampshire Hogs 1983

9th Wicket 44 James Bush and David Ulm v Midhurst 1989

10th Wicket 23 Peter Lovitt and Troy Warfield v Midhurst 1986


Centuries Scored In England:

Timothy Cohen 115 Crickets Club of London Chipperfield Green 1975

David Newgrosh 113 Samarkanders at Marlborough College 1978

Mick Halliday 120 Cambridge XI at Clare College, Cambridge 1983

Timothy Cohen 115 The Hampshire Hogs at Warnford 1983

Patrick Alexander 115 R.A. Fleming’s XI at Penshurst Place 1983

James Patterson 105 Eton Ramblers at Upper Club, Eton 1983

Jerry Thiedeman 175 Royal Military Academy at Camberley 1986

Mark Patterson 118 Royal Household C.C at Windsor Castle 1986

Patrick Crammond 109 Sussex Martlets at Arundel Castle 1986

Dominic Remond 106 Mersham CC at Mersham le Hatch 1986

David Levy 109 Morden CC at Morden 1993

Alex McDade 101 R H Hawkins’ XI at Everdon Hal 1993

Mick Halliday 175 The Gemini at Sunningdale School 1997


Best Bowling In England:

Brian Bavin 5-32 v R.M.A 1975

Peter Lovitt 5-16 v Westminster 1986

Brian Bavin 6-10 v Midhurst 1975

Jerry Thiedeman 5-32 v Guildford 1986

Peter Bavin 5-44 v Samarkanders 1975

Peter Lovitt 6-33 v Swallows 1986

Jim Patterson 6-17 v Old Georgians 1975

Christopher Lane 6-36 v Wellington 1986

John Armat 5-34 v The Grannies 1975

Jas Patterson 6-77 v Mersham1986

Brian Bavin 6-32 v Eton Ramblers 1975

Troy Warfield 5-41 v Midhurst 1989

Peter Bavin 5-26 v Old Amplefordians 1975

Troy Warfield 5-64 v R M A 1989

Peter Bavin 5-38 v Hampshire Hogs 1978

David Ulm 6-54 v Stratford 1989

Brian Bavin 5-30 v Yellowhammers 1978

James Bush 6-12 v R M A 1993

Ken Love 7-61 v Sydenhurst 1978

David Ulm 5-22 v Cranbrook 1997

Robert Dickins 5-91 v Dulwich 1983

Sam Macfie 5-31 v R.M.A 1997

Brian Bavin 5-36 v Aldenham 1983

Matthew Ramsay 5-22 v I.C.I 1997

P.Meares 5-68 v O.M.T’s 1983

Alistair Little 7-49 v Eton Ramblers 1997